1 Move to the Music feat. Rebel ACA
2 Believe feat. Tanika
3 Good Suh
4 Wicked Love
5 Spread out feat. Hype & Fever
6 Differ
7 If Yuh Ready (UncleP Jump up Mix) feat. General Levy
8 Link up feat. Matthew Allman, Illaman, & Black Josh
9 Hustle and Flow feat. Illaman
10 King on the Throne feat. Rodney P
11 Some of Us Love Rum feat. Rebel ACA
12 Found Me feat. Anna Blue
13 Differ feat. Sean Paul, Agent Sasco & Chi Ching Ching (Remix)
14 Trilogy feat. Killa P & Harry Shotta
15 No Regrets feat. Saine Rapley
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