Rise Jamaica! Jamaican Independence Special
1 Rise Jamaica feat. AI T. Joe
2 Miss Jamaica feat. Jimmy Cliff
3 My One Desire feat. Owen Gray
4 Duck Soup feat. Drumbago's All Stars
5 Gloria Love feat. The Belltones
6 My Happy Home feat. Roy & Patsy
7 The Hop feat. Derrick Morgan
8 Let's Go To The Party feat. Stranger & Patsy
9 Love Me or Leave Me feat. Lloyd Clarke
10 Don't Leave Me feat. Bobby & Tinse
11 Darling Patricia feat. Owen Gray
12 Sam The Fisherman feat. Don Drummond
13 I'm Free feat. Jimmy Cliff
14 Time Will Tell feat. Owen Gray
15 Be Still feat. Derrick Morgan
16 Ben Johnson Day feat. Basil Gabbidon
17 Love You The Most feat. Lloyd Clarke
18 Rocking In My Feet feat. Owen Gray
19 Forward March feat. Derrick Morgan
20 Good Morning feat. Lloyd Clarke
21 Twelve Minutes To Go feat. Don Drummond
22 Hurricane Hattie feat. Jimmy Cliff
23 Midnight Track feat Owen Gray
24 Housewife's Choice feat. Derrick & Patsy
25 Independant Jamaica feat. Lord Creator
26 Chick Chick feat. Roland Alphonso
27 Power feat. Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe
28 As Teardrops Fall feat. Roland Alphonso
29 Baby Please Don't Go feat. Cosmo & Dennis
30 Neck Tie feat. Roland Alphonso
31 Midnight Train feat. Hortense Ellis
32 Herring Bone feat. The Duke Reid All Stars
33 Choo Choo feat. The Prodigals
34 Lollipop I'm In Love feat. Cosmo & Dennis
35 Anytimes feat. The Midnighters
36 Crazy Girl feat. Jerry McCarthy
37 Feel So Fine feat. Derrick & Patsy
38 Going Down To Canaan feat. Cosmo & Dennis
39 Crying For My Baby feat. Basil Gabbidon
40 Joy Bells feat. Derrick Morgan
41 Chickeroo feat. Alton & Eddie
42 Money We Haven't Go feat. The Duke Reid All Stars
43 I Don't Want You feat. Cosmo & Dennis
44 Double Six feat. Roland Alphonso
45 This Is Love feat. Stranger & Patsy
46 Have Mercy Baby feat. Frank Cosmo
47 Honey Comb feat. Roland Alphonso
48 Straight Home feat. Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe
49 Woodchoppers Ball feat. The Duke Reid All Stars
50 I'm Gone feat. Cosmo & Dennis
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