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1 Dance Pon De Corner feat. Papa Face & Red Man
2 Let's Dub It Up feat. Dee Sharp
3 Limb By Limb feat. Cutty Ranks (DJ SS Remix)
4 Mad Them feat. General Levy
5 You're Nicked feat. Laurel & Hardy
6 Played By This Ya Sound feat. Bunny General
7 Wikkeda!! feat. General Levy & Hard 'n' Pure
8 Small Talking feat. Carlton Lewis
9 Shot Fe Bust feat. Poison Chang (Marvellous Cain Remix)
10 Rising To The Top feat. Dee Sharp
11 DJ Jamboree feat. Papa Face & Keith Douglas
12 Heat feat. General Levy
13 Sweet Soul Rocking feat. Carlton Lewis
14 Ruffest Gun Ark feat. Top Cat (DJ Rap Mix)
15 DJ Business feat. Papa San
16 To The Bump feat. Papa Face & Bionic Rhona
17 As You See It feat. Cutty Ranks
18 You'll Never Need Somebody feat. Janice Walker
19 Bubble With I feat. Asher Senator
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